Sunday, May 17, 2015

AA Bootcamp

.... on the Road to Recovery

                                                      AA Bootcamp

As you may know, I recently published a book titled "Under Construction - 25 Life-Building Tools for Addicts in Recovery."  Background information on the book is readily available through the links on the right side of this blog. The book can be purchased through on-line book retailers, including and

The positive feedback I have been getting from many individuals is way beyond my greatest expectations. I have had newcomers to AA, "long (old) timers," and family members tell me the many ways the book has helped them in dealing with recovery. 

Another unexpected highlight was when I was informed that the book is being utilized by counselors in local recovery treatment facilities. I regularly thank God for inspiring and guiding me in writing the book. Without Him, it would not have happened.

And the inspiration to write about recovery has hit me hard again... 

In response, I am writing a new book for those who want to learn more about the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is intended to serve as a basic guide for recovery from alcoholism through AA.  Although it is geared toward newcomers, it will serve as a useful resource for AA members with any length of sobriety as well as their family and friends. It will also provide specific information for professionals, e.g ,counselors, psychologists, lawyers, etc., who want to understand the fundamentals of the AA program.

Although things change when doing a book project, the draft title for the new book is:

AA Bootcamp - A Basic Training Guide for Newly Recovering Alcoholics (and Those that are Not so New)

I will be keeping you updated on the book via posts on this blog.