About this Blog

Welcome fellow travelers on the recovery road!

I have created this blog for 2 main reasons:

First....  in my 23 years of recovery from alcoholism through the many meetings I attend, spiritual books and meditations I read and contemplate, the discussions I have had with many of you and others- there are many topics I'm excited to write about and get a dialogue going with you on.

The purpose is to get these thoughts out to you, my friends in recovery, and hear your comments and insights on them.  

So I would appreciate if you would comment when something hits you on the posts and also ask that you pass this blog site on to others in recovery (e.g.,  via email, Facebook posting, etc.).

Second.... I want to continue spreading the word about my current book, “Under Construction- 25 Life Building Tools for Addicts in Recovery”. (Please see book link on home page.) I have had many people tell me the book is really helping them in their daily lives. I am regularly surprised and grateful about  the different ways people are finding to use the book. For example, some are using it as a daily reflection; others are using it in their small groups as a study guide going through a chapter (tool) a week.I am thankful to God for his inspiration,  guidance and the joy this project has given me.

From Under Construction, page 26.

  "The I in illness is isolation, and the crucial letters in wellness are we."- Unknown 

So let's all join in on the dialogue and stay well together!

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