Monday, December 30, 2013

Manufactured Misery.........Reflections on the Road to Recovery from alcoholism


    Reflections........................... on the Road to Recovery

                                    (7)- Manufactured misery

Sometimes life brings us trouble that we did not cause or create. Sometimes we act in a way that brings us trouble.

And sometimes we just "manufacture misery" in our heads.  We play around with anger and resentment, we dwell on worries and fears projecting the worst, we focus in on the negative while there are clearly so many positives.....we manufacture our own misery...

Do you remember specifics where you  manufactured your own misery?

Why do you think you think we do this?

What recovery tools do you have to deal with this when it happens?

Do you have any manufactured misery going on in your head right now?

If so, what tools willl you use to rid yourself of it?