The start to our journey of the blog

So my blog Under Construction and in Recovery has gone "live" as of today.  I will be posting stories, news, pictures, experiences, etc., about my journey of recovery.

However, that is only one piece of this blog. The beauty of it for all will be if you share your thoughts, ideas, comments, etc., on the posted items. This is where we will all see the power of "WE".

Detailed instructions on how to comment can be found by clicking on the link in the Pages section labeled: "Introduction and instructions on using the blog". Other information about recovery and me can also been found in the Pages section.

This is very exciting to me since there are so many times that I see and hear something really interesting, provoking, insightful, challenging,  in a meeting, or a book....and I so much want to hear what many other people think of the subject at hand.

So after years of people (like my kids) hearing this and saying,  "you should create a blog" - and my immediate resistance - (I don't know what a blog is and I don't want to know) -  I finally have seen the potential... well that's how most things go for me- takes some time  for change to kick in!

So here we go!

Check out the next 2 posts in the next few days and give us your thoughts!

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