Rick H. - Published AA Recovery Articles

1. A Humbling Friendship Experienced Through AA
------About my friend Robbie, physically challenged but spiritually joyful...

2. Can We Help Someone Surrender?
------Really tough to watch someone suffer; can we make them willing to recover?

3. Feelings
------We used to numb our feelings with alcohol, now we feel them fully.

4. Football and a game plan for recovery
------Sometimes you just have to stop the run game at all cost.

5. From a Pit of Despair to Recovery Road
------A fellow traveler helps a suffering alcoholic out of the pit of despair. 

6. Gratitude is Feeling the Waves of the Promises
------The benefits of my early AA bootcamp. 

7. Hmmm... our worst day sober?
------Is our worst day sober better than our best day drunk?

8.  How Many Meetings Are Too Many?
------Taking suggestions from our AA program professors, instead of doing it our way.

9. I Felt The Fear And Hopelessness
------Remembering that spiritual hole in the beginning of our recovery.

10. If You're Stumbling on the Steps, Try Looking Back
 ------Stuck on a step? Take a good look at where you are on the prior one.

11. New paths in the jungle of life.
------Our drunken path was wide, easy, fast... and destructive - our recovery path is sometimes an inch at a time - with lasting positive results.

12. The Bridge
------An individual's willingness is the key to getting over the bridge to recovery - no person can help with that essential ingredient.

13. The Problem is Me
------The story title tells it all!

14. The Robin's Nest
------Just like this robin, I was self-will run riot.

15. " ...Turn Our Will And Our Lives Over To The C-a-r-e of God ..."
------Don't overlook the care word. 

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