Friday, February 6, 2015

Recovery from Alcoholism-The pin that holds the good lives of our recovery together

....on the Road to Recovery

                                  The pin that holds our good lives of our recovery together

Heard this at a meeting the other day...Think of our sobriety as a pin that is attached to the ceiling. The ceiling represents our Higher Power and the AA Program. The pin, attached to the ceiling, represents our sobriety.  

Coming down from the pin is a series of strings that represent the good things that we have in our lives as a result of our connection with God and the Program...

Our families, our jobs, our health, our friends, our self-worth and any other positive thing in your life you can think of.

Pull the pin out of the ceiling (go back to drinking) and all of the strings (the good things we have) go crashing to the ground as we disconnect from God and the Program.

Is you pin securely fastened to the ceiling?

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