Sunday, January 18, 2015

Recovery from Alcoholism - Clean, Sober and Free from Addiction!

....on the Road to Recovery

Greetings to my friends in recovery,

I am writing to re-introduce my revamped “blog”  Recovery from Alcoholism - Clean, Sober and Free from Addiction!  For those who are new to this term, a blog is just an on-line website where an individual can “post” thoughts, ideas, concepts, etc., and have others comment on those posts to, in essence, get the viewpoints of many on a particular subject or topic.

On this blog, we share ideas, thoughts and reflections on recovery. Then, those of you who are interested,  can respond with your comments, views, etc. The following is a link to the blog:

I realize that some of you are not familiar with blogs (I wasn't until recently), so here are some detailed instructions on how to View, Comment, and Subscribe.   Please don’t be put off by the numerous steps –  they are straightforward.  

1.      View - You can simply just visit the blog when you wish and follow the dialogue of any topic that interests you.  (Once you locate the site, you can save it in your “favorites” for later use.)
2.      Comment - You can comment on any post (those are the topics I will present on the blog) to share your thoughts, insights, reflections, etc.  (No sign-up required – an option described in #3 below.) 
·        Click on the post that you want to comment on
·        A box will appear under the words “Post a Comment”
·        Type your comment in this box
·        In the box titled “Comment As”, there is a drop-down called “Select Profile” – you can choose Anonymous or Name/URL.  For this second option, in the Name field, type whatever name you want to give (e.g., John P.).  That name will appear at the end of your comment.
·        Hit “Continue”
·        Hit “Publish”
3.      Subscribe - You can “subscribe” to the blog via email so that each time a new post is added you will be automatically notified by email.  (This is so you won’t need to check the site regularly for new content.) Note: If you choose to do this, you can easily unsubscribe anytime you want. 

Here are the instructions for subscribing (pretty easy stuff):

1.      On the Blog home page, look for “Follow by Email” in the lower right hand corner.

2.      Type in your email address.  Once you submit it, you will receive a message that says “Your request has been accepted.” You will then be sent a verification email titled “Feedburner Email Subscription” that simply asks you to click on a link in order to activate the subscription.  Once you click on the link, you will see a message that says “Email Subscription Confirmed.”   

Please note that this is a public website so anyone with internet access can follow the posts and comments.

If you know someone in recovery that you think would find this blog interesting/useful, please feel free to pass it along.

Rick H.

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