Saturday, January 10, 2015

Recovery from Alcoholism- When things go smoothly

....on the Road to Recovery

                                              "When things go smoothly"

I have heard this observation made by many at meetings I have attended. It goes something like this:

"When I am doing  the will of God, as I understand Him, things just seem to go smoothly in my life. My day just seems to flow better."

Many in recovery have experienced this, including me. But what I have noticed lately is just a little more specific. My everyday day activities in reality do go more smoothly. It's not merely that I view the events more positively, that I'm more accepting of life on life's terms. The actual results of the day's activities are much better... as compared to what?

As compared to when, for whatever reason, I choose to "run the show." When I edge God out of the picture and start taking control... without His guidance that comes from staying spiritually fit.

Although I'd like to give a lot of examples of what I am describing, I can't. Maybe the difference in positive vs. negative results is that I'm more confident in my decisions, maybe I'm kinder to people and they respond better; maybe my thinking is clearer and less clouded by defects... maybe all this is part of it... and maybe the most important factor is that God is showing me that to do His will is a better way to live. For me and those around me.

 If you have experienced what I am writing about, you will understand. Have you?


  1. I do understand Rick -- well put!! I am asked this question all the time by sponsees and I'm sure they want to hear those extreme examples we sometimes hear in AA rooms. Since I'm sober I've made millions...since I'm sober I met met my wife, she's a supermodel...since I'm sober, I run marathons, etc. etc. etc. My responses sometimes surprise guys, but they're the greatest gifts I've ever received. I tell them -- Since I'm sober, I've come to know God...since I'm sober, I've come to know peace...since I'm sober, I've come to know freedom!! So, you can have Angelina Jolie -- I'm in a committed relationship anyway, with Jesus Christ.