Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Recovery from Alcoholism- Seek God's will ...then COOPERATE!

....on the Road to Recovery

                                                 Seek God's will - then COOPERATE!

I've been practicing this lately... and the results have been clear and positive.

I had been in a spiritual slump for a few months and began praying about it. I was told by several spiritual people that maybe God is preparing me for some changes... and He was.

In my meditation, I was sensing the push to go to different meetings, try a different church, spend more time with spiritual people who are living God's will in their lives.

Now here is what I discovered. I have sensed promptings like this before... and, due to fear, lack of courage, laziness, or comfort seeking, just did not do what I sensed was God's will for me. Even to try these changes, and find they were only pointing me to some other positive change, would have been the right path.

So the 11th Step asks us to seek God's will and then have God give us the power to carry it out.

However, I need to add this: once He gives me the power to do His will, I need to COOPERATE and take the action required. (Do the footwork.) If  I only know the solution, but don't implement it in my life, then what am I saying to God?

Because of our human nature, this is a simple concept...  but not easy to implement.

Question - Have you, at times, been able to discern the will of God? When it was clear, did you do it? Results?


  1. Wow! Indeed, we shouldn't just rest on our laurels, far as handling and dealing with alcohol addiction is concerned. There is a higher power we can trust, and the mechanisms and facilities in place, with which to actualize the insights and most important lessons of such contact. It all really comes down to staying true to the principle and fundamental morality of letting go of that, then supplanting ourselves with a new environment. Thanks for all those published materials and words of advice! All the best!

    Donnie Benson @ Midwest Institute for Addiction

  2. As I progress in my recovery, it has become easier to discern God's Will. Have I followed his direction?? Not always. God's not finished with me, so I strive to improve daily. And I agree, it's not enough to just "talk the talk". Those who continue to stay sober "walk the walk".